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Stagebox Management

Stagebox Management is a leading Children’s Talent Agency with more clients performing in professional leading roles, nationally and internationally, than any other UK Management.

Established as the smallest and most elite Agency in the UK, we are home to the stars of today and tomorrow. Bringing the first US-Style Management to the UK, we pride ourselves on nurturing talent and providing holistic Agency Representation, with fully curated support in every aspect of their clients’ careers. Stagebox Management is also unique for our partnership opportunities both in the US and at home. Working in tandem with leading Los Angeles Agencies Luber Roklin & Maverick Artists in co-rep with established talent, Stagebox Management also facilitates the transition to top UK Adult Agencies for their children when the time is right.

Stagebox Management is known throughout the industry for being the primary source for rising stars, with their clients debuting in lead roles in major Motion Pictures across the Globe. Management clients are internationally recognised for their projects.

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Our team of dedicated agents work from our London office to secure our clients extraordinary opportunities. Stagebox Management is passionate about discovering and representing young lead talent.