We’d love to invite you to audition to join Stagebox!

There are two ways to audition for Stagebox memberships


Please submit your details to register for your free online self tape audition. You can upload your tapes using your own material or by following tutorials provided by us. 



1-2-1 Live audition online & bespoke consultation

Please submit your details to book your free individual meeting with the experts.  You will have the chance to perform material prepared and gain advice on your next steps. 


Audition Workshop Session


Yes. All Stagebox memberships are audition entry only for ages 5-18 years.

Our industry audition panel will assess your level in audition. Successful auditionees will be offered Level 1 (Introductory), Level 2 (Intermediate) or Level 3 (Advanced)

Our memberships can be customised to suit your child. We have a membership for every aspiring performer available in the school holidays (in studio) and/or during school term time (hybrid). 

You can come from anywhere to be part of our membership. We have worldwide members. For In Studio Professional Musical Theatre, you can select any 4 weeks in any of our professional centres. Our members come from across the UK, Europe, America, Dubai and beyond.  

We train from newcomer to advanced- Stagebox is an industry accelerator with high quality training and opportunities. No experience is required to audition for entry into Stagebox and our levels are geared towards bespoke industry development

You’ll be sent guidelines on what to prepare. You can either prepare your own material or follow our tutorials.

We are looking for natural aptitude, ability and passion to learn. For our Musical Theatre programme, we strongly recommend previous experience in dance before auditioning for Stagebox as this programme is intensive.

All our memberships are for children aged 5-18 years old.

You can choose to audition for any of our memberships. You can choose any of our 3 membership options: In Studio Professional Musical Theatre, Acting For Screen or Vocal Coaching. Many members choose a number of our memberships to give them the best all round training and opportunities. All memberships are via audition entry. You can consult with our team who will 

Auditions are online. Stagebox also holds limited in person audition workshops each Spring. 

You will hear an outcome within 1 month 

Yes! Once you are a member you will be eligible for representation with Stagebox Management

You can wear anything you feel comfortable to move in.


Our minis memberships are for children aged 5-8 year olds and do not require an audition to join.

Give your child the best start with our introductory industry pathways. We have a track record in nurturing talent all the way from newcomer to advanced. Our memberships are designed to build confidence + skills and create foundations + friendships to last a lifetime.