Membership benefits

Stagebox provides a world of opportunity and benefits for members

Membership Benefits

Our reputation in the industry gives our members access to live performance opportunities. The industry recognises the Stagebox platform with national and international coverage and opportunity.



Our pioneering video concept as seen on Disney + gives members the chance to film on location, work with professional crews and step onto themed film sets. With 16 million views and counting, Stagebox is a hit across the globe. From 2022, all our Level 2 and 3 members have access to experience our industry replica and industry level film shoots each year.

Diversity & Inclusion

Stagebox champions diversity, inclusion and equality in the arts and within the Stagebox community.

Skills for Life

Stagebox provides more than an industry springboard. We build dynamic people who are confident, skilled and ready for the world.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Confidence building
  • Public Speaking
  • Social skills
  • Higher Education preparation
Connections for Life

It’s no coincidence our training facilitates networking, high level training and a springboard to the industry.

Masterclass Access

Your membership gives you exclusive access to masterclasses with leading casting directors, directors, producers, and industry experts.


Perform in studio showcases twice a year with acting and musical theatre showcases for industry, family, friends and invited guests.

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