Mushroom Defense Tea and Bravo Tea 6.

Mushroom Defence and Bravo Tea 6

Hepatoprotective effects of mushrooms have been established. Mushrooms and their crude extracts can reduce AST levels and ALT levels in the liver.

Bravo Tea’s functional tea blends are inspired from Traditional Eastern Herbalism – a holistic, natural system that promotes health and wellbeing. Experience these caffeine-free teas formulated from rare herbs for improved immunity, blood sugar regulation and more!

Chaga & Strawberries

Chaga, a miraculous organism only found on the bark of the Birch tree, is referred to by Japanese medicine as the “Diamond of the Forest”. Known for its remarkable antioxidant properties – evidenced in studies on its phenolic compounds and other nutrients it contains – Chaga is also renowned for being an immunity booster and anti-inflammatory, while serving as a source of melanin, which may protect skin against UV damage.

Chaga mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory beta glucans that provide support to your natural immune system. In addition, studies have shown that the mushrooms possess a high ORAC value which indicates that these mushrooms provide powerful antioxidant protection.

Add strawberries to this tea and it can pack a powerful immunity-enhancing punch! Strawberries have high levels of Vitamin C and Chaga has beta-glucans, which can help to strengthen your immune system to fight infection.

This deliciously creamy caffeine-free blend will give you energy without the crash that coffee can cause or the guilt associated with sugary sweeteners. Simply steep one bag of Bravo Tea Chaga mushroom tea for a few minutes in 8 ounces warm water. Add vanilla extract or syrup for additional flavor.

Our chaga is wild-harvested rather than cultivated, which helps maintain its nutritional value and benefits. Cultivated chaga lacks the black outer crust which contains essential phenolics believed to provide many health benefits.

Our chaga is harvested no closer than 200 miles from cities or industrial areas, and chemically tested before exportation to ensure its safety for consumption. It is firmer to touch than other store-bought varieties. And it doesn’t have a mushroom aroma. When selecting your chaga product, look for labels stating it was 100% wild-harvested without rice or mycelium added; our best product has an intense dark color with rock-hard consistency in your hand – look out for that when buying!

Turkey Tail & Blueberries

Turkey tail mushroom has long been known for its immune-enhancing abilities, and has been utilized as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for millennia as part of the “yun zhi” treatment protocol. Today it plays a pivotal role in cancer treatments in Japan and the US by supporting chemotherapy and radiation protocols with its most potency ingredient – polysaccharopeptide PSP – stimulating monocytes to produce tumour-fighting antibodies, helping increase both remission rates as well as survival rates over time.

Research has also shown that Turkey Tail is a natural immune-modulator. This means it can change the immune response based on the situation. Turkey Tail helps maintain healthy cell functions and detoxification processes in the body. It also helps neutralize toxic substances while decreasing oxidative damage, which can accelerate aging.

Reishi mushrooms, like Chaga, are found growing in forests around the globe. Although not recommended for fresh consumption due to its chewy, leathery texture it is commonly dehydrated and ground into powder for supplementation or tea making.

SuperFeast from Australia, a company known for its high ethical standards in production, is the first choice we make when it comes to Turkey Tail. Their Turkey Tail is produced using sustainable farming methods, and is manufactured as a dual liquid extract. It meets all safety and potency standards to meet our criteria.

Start your day off right by nourishing yourself each morning with this blend of natural myconutrients, antioxidants and other nutrients. It is the perfect way to start a healthy day! Boasting extracts of chaga, reishi, lion’s mane cordyceps as well as organic blueberry for optimal wellness benefits – bravo tea offers you an unparalleled daily wellness boost that will leave you feeling invigorated, focused and energetic all day long!

Lion’s Mane Hot Chocolate

This recipe offers a unique take on the traditional mushroom-hot chocolate. It combines healthful mushrooms with the comforting flavors of cocoa. By adding lion’s mane powder to this recipe you can simultaneously improve your memory, focus, and immunity.

Tea made from this combination contains chaga and reishi mushrooms, along with eleuthero (eleuthero), ashwagandha and other adaptogenic herbs. All four mushrooms have been proven to boost immunity. In addition, chaga is rich in natural compounds that fight off free radicals and chronic illnesses such heart disease.

Reishi, lion’s hair, and other adaptogens help the body cope with stress, including anxiety and depression. Reishi is a specific adaptogen that can aid in this process. Reishi decreases inflammation while increasing the production of neurotransmitters, which regulate mood and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Reishi also helps by improving the function of hippocampus. This controls memory recall, emotional responses and mood.

All these benefits can be enjoyed in a cup of tea at any time of the day or night. You can use just 8 ounces and one bag of tea, brewing it for 3-4 minutes or adding honey to sweeten.

Try our Rise Cocoa Tea if you want to boost your energy and focus without caffeine! This drink is smooth and full of lion’s-mane and turkey-tail extracts, which give you a boost of energy and focus without the crash. You could even add milk to it for a delicious hot cocoa!

Schisandra Berry Mocktail

Schisandra Berry, also known as Schisandra chinensis, is a herb that has been revered as a beauty and longevity tonic for centuries. It contains antioxidants and polyphenic compounds called lignans. Schisandra Berries support all body systems related to female organ health.

Schisandra berries are the fruit of an evergreen woody vine that is native to Northern China and Eastern Russia. They are used in herbal extracts, wines and tinctures as well as tea blends.

Schisandra has a wide range of uses. Known for its stress-busting and liver, kidney, heart, lung balancing properties as well as providing nourishment to skin tissues; Schisandra can even reduce cortisol levels while increasing mental performance.

Recent research shows that Schisandra Berry helps inhibit the accumulation of excess peptides, which leads to amyloid plaque formation. This extract increases blood flow to brain and supports cognitive functions.

Schisandra benefits are numerous, such as its ability to help with endocrine support by helping balance hormones like testosterone and estrogen. This herb is also a liver detoxifier, which improves the speed at which the body processes drugs and chemicals.

Schisandra has long been used in traditional medicine and modern research has corroborated its benefits. This herb has been used for centuries to boost qi and adrenal health. It is also used in the treatment of hepatitis as well as insomnia, anxiety and depression. Regular intake has been found to boost concentration, memory and protect against Alzheimer’s by lowering levels of oxidative damage in the body.


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