Reishi Mushroom Benefits

Reishi Mushrooms tea: Benefits

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum; Ling Zhi) is well-known for its stress-balancing and immune system-enhancing benefits. Before adding it into your daily regimen, however, consult with a healthcare provider first.

Reishi can cause increased bleeding if taken with blood thinners. It may also interact with medications that target cytochrome P450 substrates 2E1, 2A2 or 3A.

1. Boosts Immune System

Reishi mushroom is a cheerleader to your immune system. Its high concentrations 1,3,1,6 beta glucans, triterpenes and triterpenoids strengthen your natural defense mechanisms.

The balance of your microbiome is key to a strong immune system. 95% percent of serotonin in the body is produced within the gut.

Reishi may also lower your blood sugar, cholesterol and heart disease risks. Reishi has also been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease by lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Reishi’s benefits are maximized when you drink tea with ground Reishi dried mushrooms or Reishi powder suspended. You can also add sweetener to the tea if you find it too bitter.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Reishi mushroom extracts were used for many years to address issues relating to aging and immunity. They are also used to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, arthritis/gout-related inflammation disorders, blood pressure issues, liver disease/cancer, and chronic fatigue.

Studies have shown that the reishi mushroom stimulates natural killer cell activity – white blood ‘killer cells’ that are responsible for eliminating cancerous cells and abnormal cells.

This mushroom helps reduce allergic reactions by blocking the release of histamine from our bodies. Histamine causes symptoms such as sneezing or watery eyes, and nasal congestion.

Reishi mushrooms can also help reduce high blood pressure and maintain normal sugar levels in the human body. However, before adding any medicinal mushroom to your daily routine if you have any existing health conditions or receive medical treatment, it is advisable to consult a physician as certain herbs or supplements may interact negatively with medications.

3. Anti-Cancer

Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum; Lingzhi) have long been revered by Asian cultures as one of their oldest symbols of longevity and wellness, revered for their ability to strengthen immune systems while aiding with cancer treatments and prevention.

Reishi contains powerful betaglucans. These activate the immune systems and encourage healthy cell production for replacing damaged ones. Reishi is also effective in preventing blood vessels to form where they shouldn’t, which would otherwise lead cancerous tumors.

Reishi is easier to digest when it’s boiled into tea. The tougher textures are also broken down.

If you want to get the most out of your reishi, choose a premium organic extract free of fillers and carrier substances. Reishi supplements that include other medicinal mushroom extracts like cordyceps (lion’s Mane), turkey tail and chaga may provide you with a more balanced health support. But be wary: Reishi may interfere with certain medications and supplements – before beginning any new supplement regimen consult your doctor first!

4. Anti-Aging

Reishi mushrooms are a superfood that is adaptogenic and can soothe stress. They also have powerful anti-aging properties. Their Ganoderma Lucidum polysaccharides support healthy gut microbes that boost immunity and help the body create ceramide, an anti-aging substance that protects against sun damage as well as natural aging.

Reishi mushrooms are scientifically proven to improve immunity by increasing the production of antibodies cells and improving overall immune function. Reishi also inhibits cancer cell growth and shrinks tumors. They possess antioxidant, antiviral and blood-thinning qualities, making them ideal for cancer prevention.

Reishi can be consumed in many different forms: teas, capsules, powders, creams and lotions, as well as cosmetic products. Follow dosage instructions and consult your healthcare professional before adding supplements into routine. Reishi may interact negatively with certain medications such as antiplatelet drugs, anti-diabetes medications, blood thinners and immunosuppressants.

5. Mood Booster

Reishi’s health-promoting qualities make it an ideal solution for stress relief. Studies have revealed its ability to interact with GABA (gamma-aminobutryic acid) pathways, helping reduce neural activity and facilitate sleep. Reishi is also able to increase serotonin, which improves mood and helps the body relax.

Reishi has been used by many to combat fatigue brought on by chronic diseases like cancer and autoimmunity. Reishi mushrooms help to alleviate fatigue by increasing the number of natural killer cells that target abnormal cell types such as cancerous cells.

Enjoy our adaptogenic tea that contains Reishi extract, along with other powerful mushrooms such as Chaga and Raw Peruvian chocolate. It is the perfect morning or evening cup for relaxation and calm.

6. Anti-Bacterial

Reishi’s antibacterial and immune-enhancing properties have been proven to block the growth of cancer cells, specifically IBC.

Reishi mushrooms contain polysaccharides to stimulate natural killer cell in your body. These cells work together with peptidoglycans for protection against viruses, cancerous tumors and bacteria. Their bioactive substances also have antioxidant properties that help to reduce fatigue while supporting liver health.

Reishi has properties that can boost immunity and lower blood sugar. It can also combat hyperlipidemia. With its nutritional powerhouse, it is an excellent addition for any wellness regimen.

Reishi mushrooms are safe to consume in moderation. No adverse effects have been reported when taken as directed. You can take it as an herbal supplement or in herbal teas. Reishi and certain medications can interact. This includes blood-thinning medicines, antibiotics, and antifungals. Consult your physician before adding Reishi into your daily regimen. There are not enough safety data to recommend that it be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing.

7. Anti-Microbial

Reishi mushrooms tea contain beta-glucans which can help balance your microbiome. A balanced gut, which is crucial because 95% our serotonin occurs within our digestive tracts and an unbalanced microbiome may have detrimental effects on our immune system and overall wellness.

Reishi mushroom is an antimicrobial food that has been shown to boost immune cells by increasing the white blood cell count which fights viruses and bacteria. Polysaccharides and Peptidoglycans in reishi fungi also help to produce the interleukin-6 protein, which improves our immune system.

Reishi Mushrooms have also been shown to speed wound recovery by increasing tissue hexosamine concentrations and hydroxyproline. Both compounds are essential in collagen production, which helps repair damaged cells.

Reishi, which has been used as a traditional remedy for centuries, is also becoming increasingly popular in the nutritional supplement market. People may take reishi to support immunity, to reduce stress and anxiety, to improve sleep and to boost general health. However, some individuals may experience stomach discomfort from reishi, which may interfere with blood thinners or other medications that they take. Before taking this route, it’s best to consult your healthcare provider.

8. Anti-Aging

Reishi, also known as an adaptogen or supplement, is used to boost immunity. This substance helps the body manage stress and fatigue more effectively while also aiding sleep and increasing energy. Reishi contains more than 400 bioactive substances that have been shown to have anti-tumor and immunomodulatory benefits, as well as sedative, bloodpressure lowering, ulcer prevention, skin protection, or other therapeutic effects in scientific studies.

Reishi is ideal for coughs, asthma, hayfever or other lung conditions. Reishi has also been shown to balance liver yin/yang and strengthen its function. It helps cleanse the liver of impurities.

Reishi mushroom polysaccharides and peptidoglycans contribute to enhanced immune surveillance, helping your body detect cancer-prone cells early before they develop into full-fledged malignancy. Reishi mushroom polysaccharides and peptidoglycans help the body combat age-related illnesses by reducing oxidative damage and inflammation.


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